श्रीराम नेने ने “सोलमेट” माधुरी दीक्षित को उनके जन्मदिन पर शुभकामना देने के लिए अनमोल थ्रोबैक तस्वीर साझा की

श्रीराम नेने ने 'सोलमेट' माधुरी दीक्षित को उनके जन्मदिन पर बधाई देने के लिए अनमोल थ्रोबैक तस्वीर साझा की

श्रीराम नेने ने यह तस्वीर साझा की। (छवि सौजन्य:[ https://www.instagram.com/p/CO4kT76Bdmb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>drneneofficial)

New Delhi:

On the occasion of actress Madhuri Dixit’s 54th birthday, her husband Shriram Nene has a special message in store for her. To make the day a memorable one, he uploaded an adorable throwback picture from 16 October, 1999, as mentioned in its corner. We can see the Devdas star in a white outfit and minimum makeup. The actress is smiling ear-to-ear as she poses with a suited-up Shriram. The birthday note by Shriram for his star wife went as, “Happy Birthday to my soulmate, Madhuri Dixit Nene. Life has been an amazing journey for us together and I look forward to the road ahead. Much love and many happy returns of the day.” 

Here’s another such cute throwback photograph of the duo that Madhuri uploaded on Instagram on “Star Wars Day.” She can be seen in oversized blue dungaree wear paired with a full-sleeved T-shirt. Shriram complemented her by wearing a sweater and shorts. The heart-warming side note was, “Hold your loved ones closer than ever.” She added the trademark Star Wars dialogue, “May the fourth be with you.”

Madhuri, recently, completed her coronavirus vaccination routine by receiving both the second jab. The actress also shared a photo while taking ther vaccine shot. “Got my second jab today. I urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as it’s available to you. Stay Home Stay Safe,” she wrote in the caption. 

Madhuri also joined her Shriram for a video session in which he answered the key COVID-19 related questions.

A while back, Madhuri announced on Instagram that she is “back on set” but did not divulge any details.


Madhuri was last seen on the big screen in Karan Johar’s period-drama Kalank. 


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