“इस तरह के अजीब समय”: श्रुति हासन ने घर पर अपनी सौना को डबिंग स्टूडियो में बदल दिया

'इस तरह के अजीब समय': श्रुति हासन ने घर पर अपनी सौना को डबिंग स्टूडियो में बदल दिया

श्रुति हासन ने यह तस्वीर साझा की। (छवि सौजन्य:[ https://www.instagram.com/p/CPI6CoSBxCz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link?s=19″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>shrutzhaasan)

New Delhi:

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world functions.  Even as work-from-home setups have become the norm, some professions are hugely collaborative in nature and are difficult to pull off in isolation. And cinema is one of them. Despite the constraints that prevent them from working together, many of our favourite actors and directors have been using the lockdown period to continue working in their individual capacities. Giving us a glimpse of this was actress Shruti Haasan, who shared a video of herself dubbing at her house. In the photo, Shruti showed that she had converted her sauna into a dubbing room.

She is seen speaking into a mike, holding her laptop in hand. The 35-year-old looked pretty in a grey T-shirt and sweatpants. Along with the photo, she wrote, “Dubbing from home in my sauna/audio suite! Such strange times – I never forget to thank the universe for my health and safety. I pray for everyone as I do everyday – these are dark times but we are people of light and strength if we choose to be! Please stay safe and get vaccinated if you can.”

The actress has been constantly entertaining her social media followers with fun images and videos. From trying new recipes to gaming, Shruti has been doing her bit to keep the spirits up in these trying times. On Friday, she shared a radiant selfie and said, “For whoever needs it – sending you a giant squishy healing hug. Stay safe and stay strong.”

Recently, the actress was also seen taking a trip down memory lane and shared a photo dump of the time she spent in her favourite places around the world. Sharing a series of candid images, she wrote, “The “I majorly miss the rest of the world “ photo dump – never again will I take travel, good health or new experiences for granted! Praying we heal from this sooner rather than later !! ALSO, this is the time we have to have compassion and understanding with a global perspective – everyone is truly connected.”

Explaining what we can take away from the experience, she added, “#1 All of us getting vaccinated ASAP is what will help. #2 Such a good time to reflect on how human we are and how vulnerable we are. The last thing we need is to be acting like the warmongering brats we’ve always behaved like – this is our earth. It is beautiful! Let’s heal and let’s spread.”

Shruti is best known for her work in films such as Gabbar Singh, Vedalam, Srimanthudu, and Race Gurram.


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